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Simple and fast shelter is exactly what you need sometimes and it can be found with CC’s Tarp Shelter! This easy set up tarp can be used while camping, hiking, or even at concerts. CC’s Tarp Shelter has a variety of settings where it can be set up. Moreover, this is a perfect alternative for hikers that want an ultimate lightweight shelter.

This shelter provides instant protection from the sun, rain, and even protection in 30 to 40 mph winds! It is made out of 68D, 190T polyester taffeta with a 450mm waterproof rated polyurethane coating with fully taped seams.

Additionally, the tarp has 4 attached adjustable rope lines for all corners of the shelter. The ropes can be packing into built-in storage pouches located on the inside of the tarp. To stretch the tarp between objects there are various strategically placed reinforced guy-out points that can be used.

For a tent-style shelter, the tarp can be set up and pitched by staking the adjustable ropes into the ground and using trekking poles or other adjustable-height poles. There are also a variety of styles the tarp can be made into some include an A-frame, a lean-to, or a flying diamond.

In addition, CC’s Tarp Shelter comes with a lightweight roll top cube carry bag that can be easily packed.

The size of the shelter is 9’x9′ and weighs 1lb 7oz.

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Additional tips on quick shelters and setting up your tarp.

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 in


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