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A must need item for all types of emergency kits. Specifically, CC’s All Weather Blanket is a perfect pack item for a camping, backpacking, car, or home emergency kit. This blanket is specifically made with materials that are considered warmer than wool and tougher than steel. Columbus Campers strive to provide essential items that can potentially save your life or others in case of an emergency.

The blanket is comprised of 4-layers of polyethylene film, aluminum, and Astrolar. These layers provide you with warmth, comfort, and protection from severe elements. They can also be attributed to the blankets dimensional stability awhile enabling the reflective properties to effectively protect you in the outdoors. In addition, the blanket is designed to reflect and retain over 80% of radiated body heat.

Made to last for years and barely wear out providing long-term usage.

There are grommets on each corner, so you may tether it up however you may need it.

Uses for CC’s All Weather Blanket:

  • Shelter: Use as an emergency shelter against wind, rain, and the cold. Use the silver side facing towards you for maximum reflectivity. Also, to use as a sun reflector face the silver side outward or line the inside of your tent to keep out the heat or cold.
  • Medical: Can prevent hypothermia by maintaining your body head. If possible, sit or squat to concentrate your core body heat. Be sure to protect your head and chest area. Also, try to move around frequently to maintain good circulation and create body heat.
  • Ground Cover: Place under your sleeping bag or tent floor to keep out moisture and dampness. It can also be used as a type of seat cushion for any surface.

The blanket is 7 x 5 feet and weighs 12 oz.

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Additional information

Weight .12 lbs
Dimensions 84 × 60 in


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