CC’s 1 Person Sleeping Bag



Providing plenty of room to stretch and turn, the CC’s 1 Person Sleeping Bag allows the ultimate comfort for camping nights in the car or tent. This unisex sleeping bag provides quality warmth for cooler weather camping. At Columbus Campers, we uphold our value producing products that our customers need to blissfully enjoy their trip. Likewise, we enjoy creating a homey feeling for our customers while camping with our sleeping bags.

Specifics for CC’s 1 Person Sleeping Bag:

This rectangular shape sleeping bag is filled, lined, and insulated using high-quality lightweight synthetic. So, even if the synthetic is exposed to moisture it still retains warmth and doesn’t get ruined like a down sack would. The shell of this sleeping bag is also comprised of polyester taffeta. This durable water repellent polyester finish resists moisture and even stains. Additionally, the temperature rating, lowest outside degrees suggest for use, is 30 degrees (F) and -1 (C). The offset quilt design is to prevent cold spots and stabilize the insulation for cold nights.

There is a 2-way zipper system on the right side of the sleeping bag that zips open all the way to the bottom left side of the bag. If the bag is unzipped fully, it can be used as a quilt or blanket. You can also unzip just the bottom of the bag for ventilation while resting. In addition, on the left side of the bag, there is a short zipper that opens to let you fold down the top for a bedlike feel.

It also includes a drawstring stuff sack to hold your sleeping bag, and half of the bag is mesh and the other half is polyester. To pack it up, you don’t even need to fold or roll it up, simply just stuff it. The sack also has additional space on the top mesh portion that can be utilized to pack other items. If you choose not to, then simply stuff the mesh half into the bottom.


Fits Up To: 78″

Shoulder Girth: 66″

Hip Girth: 66″

Weight: 3 lb 12 oz

Compressed Volume: 11.2 liters

Machine Wash Care 

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Additional information

Weight 3.9 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 66 in


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