Columbus Campers is named after the world renown traveler Christopher Columbus. The slogan our company lives by is explore the world comfortably, because we strive to offer products that allow our customers to indulge in nature comfortably.

Founder, Jake O’Brien, has always been an avid hiker since a young age. He has visited mountainous trails in the country of Chile and all the way up north to Canada. It has always been a dream of his to turn his adventurous nature into a career, but was never quite sure how they could correlate.  

In the summer of 2017, Jake and his wife decided to hike and camp at a local mountainous trail for a weekend, but his wife had a different spirit than his own. She disliked the irritating insects, constant fear of an animal attack at night, and the overall inconvenience of the camping lifestyle. There were several camping products that discerningly gave out on them during the trip. While on the hike back home the next day, Jake’s wife decided she would give the camping game a shot again if they had the right products that would make their experience more enjoyable. By the time they got back home they had come up with multiple products that would revolutionize the camping experience. After that, Jake became determined to find resources to make those dream products into a reality. 

By collaborating with several local university engineers, Jake created numerous prototypes of their product ideas. The products allowed those who are also eager to indulge in camping to now do so without pesky outdoor inconveniences from stopping them. Jake then decided to share these products with others, so then Denver’s own Columbus Campers came to life.